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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Finally, the proposal, now it's time for those next crucial thoughts, what am I going to wear? How do I want to outfit my wedding party? Why do I feel so out of touch with what's really happening. I need some help for all of these difficult decisions. Who can I talk to?

Not only does Renee, the proprietor of 1st Wedding Bellz, sell the perfect wedding outfit but she helps you through the process. Many fears and concerns tend to arise creating a lot of stress and scattered focus. Renee loves creatng that special moment, that first glimpse of the bride, that moment where everything stands still so that this special event creates an affect not only on the Bride-To-Be, Husband-To-Be, Families , Guests but also on the actually celebration of a relationship of uniting love, committment and endurance. So much responsibility goes into the building of this grand vision.

It can be a humongous task finding the perfect wedding outfit.

Let us help you. Tell us what you are looking for, in what color and size and we will email you our best selections and price. In planning for that perfect outfit, you may not be sure about your measurements and/or how to do it. We are here to walk you through the process and answer your questions. We do this by appointment where we can do an online meeting, Phone consults and or email. Just let us know what online mode of communication works best for you.

One more thing.....

Our features are here, but pleae check out our https://1st website to see the entire selection. Also we add new products weekly! If there is something you were looking for, we may already have it, it is just not listed yet.

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